This qualification recognises the rapid growth of the Social Media and Digital Marketing sectors as business tools and has been developed to support learners wishing to enter this evolving environment. Each unit is endorsed by CfA, the Council for Administration, and e-skills UK, the Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology.

Unit 308 - Principles of Social Media Advertising and Promotion

Guided Learning Hours: 34
Level: 4
Credit Value: 6
Awarding Body: Learning Resource Network

Aim: This unit is about understanding advertising and promotion within social media sites and the use of digital vouchers for a business.

Learning outcomes. The learner will:
1. Be able to plan how to use digital vouchers for marketing purposes
2. Be able to plan the implementation of Social Networking site advertising campaigns for Marketing purposes
3. Understand the use of promotional campaigns on social networking sites
4. Understand current national and international legal and organisational guidelines for a social networking advertising/promotional campaign

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