Digital Media and Creative Industries (DMCI) - 2014

The Digital Media and Creative Industries (DMCI) project supported 27 VET learners from two of Capacity London's VET qualifications. 

• Certificates in Social Media and Digital Marketing (Level 3)
• Award in Professional Practice for the Creative Industries (Level 3)

The Digital Media sector is a fast moving sector undergoing constant change as new ‘disruptive’ technologies; new applications and methodologies continuously push the boundaries of what is possible. Individuals need to be practising their trade and continuously developing. The Creative Industries are a difficult sector within which to establish a career, as the early stages of the career are characterized by very low pay which can push people out of the sector or discourage them from entering it all together. For both sectors the opportunity to undertake a professional placement makes it easier to establish a career in their chosen sector.
Through the provision of European work placements the DMCI project has provided a valuable and essential bridge for participants from their vocational training course to overcome these barriers in their chosen sector, increasing their chances of success in the labour market in the UK and across Europe. The specific objectives of the DMCI project were:

• To support the aspirations of VET learners by providing them with work experience within employers that will develop their newly learned skills
• To assist VET learners in moving into employment in the Digital Media or Creative Industries sectors, in the UK or across Europe
• To enable participants to develop the linguistic and cultural skills required to access employment in other countries within the European labour market

Each of the three objectives of the DMCI 2014 was met, as a result of the work placements abroad. 78% of participants have since gone on to find work in their chosen sector, and the DMCI project played a vital part in their career progression, as stated in the participants’ final reports, with 96% of participants stating ‘strongly agree’ or ‘rather agree’ to the question ‘I believe that my chances to get a new or better job have increased’.

Participants who entered the DMCI through Capacity London’s Digital Media vocational qualification were from one of two distinct groups with diverse backgrounds. The first group were young people, who were taking a more traditional vocational training route, rather than entering higher education, and that have limited work experience. The second group were those undertaking vocational training to update or expand their range of skills or those that are seeking a career change. Participants who entered the DMCI project through Capacity London’s Professional Practice for the Creative Industries course were those with creative craft skills who wanted to develop their employability, professional practice and business skills. These individuals needed to gain experience in the industry side of their field in order to learn to apply their skills to generate an income.

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