A wide selection of roles are available for January 2020. To view the available positions by vocational course click the links below:

DIGITAL MEDIA (Seville and Prague)

Work experience will typically include elements of digital media work within a broader role. With roles currently available within marketing companies, architecture and design studios and consumer rights organisations. 

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES (Seville and Marseille)

Creative Industries work placements cover a broad range of roles within product design, fashion, galleries, media and events. Positions are currently available with a wide range of local host employers.

How to Apply

The deadline for applications is 1 December 2020. Positions are filled on a rolling basis; you're advised to submit your application as early as possible. 

Before applying please ensure you have read the following key requirements:

  • To be eligible applicants must be currently residing within the United Kingdom, have a UK postal address and bank account, and must have the right to live and work in the UK and the destination country.

  • Students are not eligible thus we regret we are unable to accept applications from individuals looking for ‘year in industry’ placements.

  • Placements are for fixed periods of 92 days (13 weeks) and it is a requirement that you spend the full period in your destination country. The start date (flight out to Host Country) will be on or around Friday 17 January 2020. End date (return flight to UK) 92 days from the date of departure

  • There will be three days of preparatory training (Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 January inclusive) in London immediately before departure. Attendance at the preparatory training is compulsory.

  • Unfortunately we are not able to fund the cost of travelling to London or accommodation costs for the preparatory training in London, although we do provide your travel to the airport from London on the day of departure.

  • Applications are only being accepted for January 2020.

Application Instructions

Please submit an up to date CV to hannahpatterson@capacitylondon.co.uk; once you have completed your application form. In order to be considered for a role you must email your CV to hannahpatterson@capacitylondon.co.uk. Applicants who have not emailed their CV will not be considered. When submitting your application please consider the following:

  • Give your CV appropriate file names, for example: 'Jane Doe CV' respectively.

  • Avoid the use of generic file names such as ‘My CV’. Doing so makes it much easier for us to deal with and respond to your application.

  • Take care to fill out the application form with details relevant to the particular placements you are interested in.

  • Placements are filled on a rolling basis thus you are advised to submit your application as early as possible.

To fill in the application form click the button below:

The Next Steps:

  1. Once you've submitted your CV and completed an application form according to the instructions above you'll receive a notification within 72 hours confirming that your application has been received.

  2. If called to interview you will be notified by email. If you've not heard from us within two weeks of your application it will mean that your application has unfortunately been unsuccessful. Unfortunately we're unable to provide feedback to applicants who have not been called to interview.

  3. If called to interview you will have two interviews, one with Capacity London by telephone or Skype and the second via Skype with someone at our partner organisations based in the destination country. The language for both interviews will be English. For some placements you will have a third interview directly with the host employer, for others not.

  4. After having had both interviews the candidate will be notified by email if they've been successful or not. This process can take up to 3 weeks from the date of the second interview.