UK Work Experience:

Emily Grant:

                                                           Emily Grant

                                                           Emily Grant

My name is Emily Grant I am a 21 years old American university student studying Cultural Anthropology.  I am here in London as part of my university’s study abroad programme, and as part of the program we are given the chance to work in various organizations across London to gain work experience.  Before I got placed with an organization I sent in my CV to my London University contact, than I was able to interview with my the director about what field I wanted to work in.  Because I had experience working with refugees and immigrants with charities near my US University, I asked to be placed in an organization that did similar work.  After a few months I received an email letting me know that Capacity London was interested in having me join them for 4 months.  

Coming and living in London has been one of the hardest and most amazing experiences in my life so far.  Before coming over I had the benefit of having my living arrangements already sorted out for me, but I still had many challenges ahead of me.  One challenge I didn’t think I would face is the difference between American and British English; despite the belief that we speak the same language.  But eventually as time went on I learned to master all of my challenges, including my biggest one: How to live in London on a budget.  It was the biggest shock to see how expensive everything was, but eventually I learned where the cheaper stores were and how to get deals and discounts. 

There are a lot of benefits to living in London that go along with all of the challenges.  I have found that going out to explore London and meeting with new, interesting people is one of them; and it is part of my job!  Throughout my time with Capacity I have done a variety of jobs for them; from doing outreach and communication work, to website management, poster designing, and research.  All of these skills I know will be invaluable to me as I work toward my goal of working with domestic and international organizations working to resolve a variety of international conflicts.